Wave Leadership College is a thriving Christian community of intentional learning and practical personal development, and is distinguished by a number of characteristics...


Wave Leadership College graduates earn an Associate of Ministry degree. Each student can also choose from one of three Professional Development Elective Concentrations (Pastoral Leadership, Business/NonProfit Management, and Media & The Arts).

The Associate of Ministry degree consists of 62 total credits, combining 4 practical ministry credits with 22 general education credits, 24 Biblical/Theology credits, and 12 Leadership/Professional Development credits.


College students and parents of college students are frustrated by the indefensibly escalating costs of a college degree. According to the US Dept. of Labor, the price index for college tuition has increased by nearly 80% since 2003. The collective student debt burden carried by the next generation of Americans is devastating and is limiting students and young families from achieving their full potential.

We believe that education can and should be affordable. Wave Leadership College tuition will always be comparable to in-state community college pricing. We don’t load our student accounts with indecipherable fees, and we don’t have a bloated administrative staff. Wave Leadership College is about what matters – giving our students a great experience with real-life preparation for the future without wasting money.

The Fall 2017 semester tuition is $185 credit hour.

Transfer In & Out

Wave Leadership College currently holds Candidate status with the Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE). The ABHE is a US Department of Education recognized national Bible college accreditation organization. Many ABHE colleges accept WLC transfer credits, and WLC has Articulation agreements which allow for full transfer of credits to major Christian universities such as Southeastern University, Regent University, and Liberty University.


Wave Leadership College is led by highly qualified Christian educators and pastors who have a passion for the next generation and a commitment to excellence in ministry and life. President Steve Kelly has been a pastor for over 30 years, and is known around the world for his inspiring, relevant messages that present the gospel with grace and truth. Under his ministry, tens of thousands of people have come to salvation in Christ.

Day-to-day operations of WLC are led by Executive Vice President Derek Holser. Derek is a lifelong educator, author and nonprofit attorney who is passionate about preparing the next generation for their opportunity to lead and minister with a spirit of boldness, Christ-like love, and clear understanding of the world around them and their role therein.

Federal Aid

As a Title IV certified college, Wave Leadership College offers all students access to Federal Aid via Pell Grants and/or Direct Loans. In addition, students are eligible to apply for scholarship aid.

Plan a Visit

We welcome parents who would like to experience first-hand the life of Wave Leadership College. We have several “Open House” days each semester, which are the best opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of the WLC program. If attending a WLC Open House is not an option, please click the link below to schedule a personal visit. We look forward to seeing you soon!